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The team 1577 was founded in 2005 by its first mentor Eyal Hershko, who brought the FRC to Israel for the first time.

Our team was one of the 12 first teams to compete in the Israeli Regional, and since then we continued competing for the last 10 years. We have a long heritage of professionalism, Persistence and the strive to be better as a team and as individuals.


Up to now, our team has included over 150 students that each has left their own unique mark and helped to build and design the nature of our team as we know it today.


Our team includes 31 high school members and 3 mentors that lead us and guide us based on their knowledge and experience. We learn from each other and from professionals that come in their free time to help and teach us in different subjects such as mechanics, programing, electronics, CAD, and strategy.


Our Strategy is the department that is in charge of deciding what actions the robot will be able to do, basically, they decide what the mechanical team needs to build. The strategy team's job is to dig deep in the game and in the rules in order to win to find the best tactical moves to win. Strategy team is also responsible for gathering information about other teams and creating the best alliances in order to win.


Our CAD department models the robot with Autodesk Inventor 2017 before it is produced by our mechanics' team. Almost all of the parts that need to be built are sketched first to prevent future problems and to be as precise as possible. This saves us time and energy.

They also print certain parts of the robot that are hard to build and won't be exact with our 3D-printers.


The Mechanics team builds the robot from the drawing which the CAD team provides. The mechanics' team is responsible for deciding all the elements of the robot from the type of the metal, the wheels and to the last screw that is placed on the robot. Are also in charge to repair and fix any mechanical problems that occur to the robot through the season and in the competition.


Our Electronics team wires all of the electronic components on our robot. They use the latest tools and equipment in order to build the electronics of the robot in the best way.

The Electronics team's mission is to connect between the mechanics of the robot and the programing.  


Our Programing team uses lab-view to program every action of the robot. They are in charge of planning and programing the robot. They must be very accurate in order for the robot to execute the action properly.


Our Media team has created and managed many communication channels, through them the team keeps followers updated with the work throughout the season and before. They are in charge of the team's Youtube channel, Facebook page, Instagram page and official website.


After a preparation period in which we specialize in different fields we are given an assignment from the national organization FIRST. We have 6 weeks to build and program a robot that can fulfill the task.


We are proud to say that throughout the years we have accomplished many achievements which have given us pride and the will to keep working and improving ourselves.


Today we are one of the most influencing teams in our country. Our mission as a team is not only to succeed in the competition but also to help and support other teams in every way that we can.

Throughout the years we have given lessons and shared our knowledge in the FIRST community with other teams, we helped build and fix robots even in the competition and shared our equipment and working tools with teams in need.


Besides the competition that we build the robot for we also thrive to help the community and spread our love to robotics and technology.


For more information about our actions in the community click here.


Our mentor Uri Cohen, and our head teams throughout the years

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