Besides building a robot and competing in the Regional's, we also believe that a big part of FIRST is being involved in the community.

We believe that our team must be a role model as a team that works together to help the community and spreads the love for robotics, technology, teamwork. Our team strives not only to make the best robot but also to share our team spirit, brotherhood and gracious professionalism with other teams. In our opinion Chairman's award is divided into a couple of aspects which make it the most elite award:


1. A team with tradition - Since the team was founded in 2005,

more than 150 students have participated in this competition

and have been a part of the robot design and assembly.

About half of the students join the project following their older


The family's continuation is an indicator to the enjoyment,

and satisfaction of this challenge.

For us, this project does not stop when we finish high school,

not only that we involve our young sisters and brothers, we are very lucky to have our graduators come in their free time to help and support us. We believe that this project encourages students to pursue technological subjects and we are happy to say that most of the graduates stay in the technological field in the army, college and a job later in life.


2. Helping other Teams - As a mature team, we have learned and evolved both academically and professionally.

We are happy to share and pass our knowledge to other teams in need.

In the past years, we have helped new teams by opening our doors to every question and problem that we were able to answer.

We also offered courses in different subjects such as software, mechanics, strategy methods etc. to all teams in our country.


3. Giving to the Community - A big part of our team spirit and FIRST spirit is giving as

much as you can from yourself to the community.

We believe that volunteering and becoming involved in a needed person's life are the

most help that we, as high school students can give. This year we volunteered in an

organization called "Bekol Ofan Rochvim" who supply all kinds of bicycles to people

with special needs. Three times a week we volunteer to ride and spend some time

with them. We also helped repair bicycles that broke or needed fixing. We were happy

to see the people who come enjoy their time.

In addition, we spent time at the Children Hospital "Schnieder" with our robot, letting

the kids play with it and with other games we arranged, taking their minds off of the illness and pain, bringing a smile to their face. Children were able to drive the robot, see cool chemical experiments and participate in creative activities.


4. Promote and Distribute Technology - As a team that involves in robotics and technology, we try to spread this enthusiasm to the population in our country that is not familiar with scientific subjects or has no access to it. Our goal is to interest them in different subjects that can be very appealing and exciting to them.

This population includes children, teenagers and especially girls. In our effort to achieve this goal, this year we went to a middle school and talked about our experience in the program and the reasons that made us joined the team. This fall, we arranged a big robotics festival with our city Mayor Mr. Zeev Bielski, in our city park where we presented 3 robots we built throughout the years. Alongside fun chemical experiment, the children were able to drive and operate Lego robots. In every opportunity, we tried to bring our robot and explain what is the FIRST program and how we take part in it.


5. Spreading the FIRST Spirit - FIRST encourages children to be science and technologic leaders.

We believe our team teaches and encourages children to be true to themselves and lead others. Our team is managed by a startup company with a CEO and different

department leaders. This gives us the ability to work together simultaneously in the

best way that we can. We learn to speak up, lead others and fulfill responsibilities.


6. Helping FIRST - Besides the community we live in, which we try to volunteer and help

as much as we can, we also feel a part of the FIRST community and we are happy to

give ourselves to it.

Every year we host and help judge the FLL competition. We took a part in an

elementary school robotics program and opened a few FLL teams in our city.

We are proud to say that our city Ra'anana has the most FLL teams in the country.


We are pleased to say that we have created a proud tradition of helping and being involved in the community.

This value is a big part of our team effort every year.

Insprating kids

RoboStar event

Helping Our Community

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