Since 2005 Steampunk #1577 has seen a great value in our media section, through this we spread our FIRST spirit. In our world today the media has a strong effect and with it, we believe we make a difference in the technologic and robotics fields in our country.

Steampunk has created many communication channels, through them we keep our followers updated with our work throughout the season and before. They can see our photos and videos, learn from tutorials, they can also be informed about upcoming events in which we present our robot, volunteer in the community and promote and distribute the technology.

As a part of our work in the media section, this year we have created a new and improved Website in which we present our team, our vision, our achievements, our help to the community and our Steampunk spirit.

 We tried to make our website user-friendly and as easy to navigate as we could in order to convey our message, vision, and information in the clearest way.

We also maintain a YouTube channel in which we publish videos of our work throughout the year. In our YouTube channel, you can find videos of our past robots, the building process of our robots and videos of our robot in competitions.

Besides these channels, we also have a Facebook page in which we frequently update about upcoming events, photo albums, etc. People can communicate with us through our Facebook, write us posts, comment on our photos and we are also available to our email address which is daily checked. Our Facebook page has over 350 likes and it keeps growing every day. We are happy to see that people show interest in our Team and in our activities.


Through all these communication channels, we are able to reach kids and teenagers and expose them to this magnetizing program.

STEAMPUNK -It's All About s- TEAM - WORK!


© 2005 SteamPunk1577 

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